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Terms & Conditions
MoneysMama.com is an auction host and sale facilitator. We are not a payment, shipping, or escrow service.

We therefore claim no responsibility for the conduct of individual sellers or buyers, HOWEVER we reserve the right to delete and ban problem users.

We also reserve the right to edit or delete any content that we find objectionable or that puts us at risk for legal action.

You are not permitted to post slanderous, racist, pornographic content on this site, or to sell things that may endanger the health or wellbeing of others without their consent. We will use our discretion in these matters, and consider ourselves reasonable. You may dispute any claim against you, but you are not guaranteed agreement.

You are however, permitted to post content or sell items for educational purposes that may be somewhat offensive in a different context. Again, we will use our discretion in this matter.

If you are found in violation of your local or international laws regarding business, trade, customs, or other laws we cannot offer you any protection. Please be aware of any health codes, export or import regulations, and customs rules that may inhibit or prevent the delivery of your items.

You are definitely not permitted to sell food or other items that are past their expiration date.

Violation of our rules will result in deletion of your account and all associated content from our site.