Why Your Adsense Earnings Are Dropping

I’ve noticed that people ask this question a lot.  The answer is two fold, but it’s very simple.  Before you go rearranging your websites in a panic, take a look at some of the Adwords advertisements you’ve been getting recently. In order for Google to have ads to show, they have to recruit advertisers.  To […]

April Fool’s Day Off From eBay

Many former eBay sellers have chosen this day to pull a massive prank on eBay.  They’re moving or have moved all their listings elsewhere.  You can read the details on the Facebook Page for April Fool’s Day Off From Corporate Greed. Those with too few listings to export them automatically have either just let their listings […]

Money’s Mama Auctions

I got a bit frustrated when looking around for other places to sell my jewelry and mystical items.  Most places were fairly international, but even though Google is in Israel, Google Checkout doesn’t have Israel yet, so I was shut out.  So I built my own auction site: Money’s Mama Auctions. I don’t expect to […]

The USPS Has Apparently Been Lied To By eBay

The United States Postal Service is apparently unclear about what it is that eBay is planning to do.  They think that eBay is charging a fee on the shipping through their discounted sponsor shipping services.  They don’t understand that eBay is charging a fee based on the total amount of sales, not a fee for […]

Good News for Writers: Google Wakes Up

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is waking up.  Most likely due to comments in one of their new features called Sidewiki, they’ve noticed that people are getting rather annoyed with spammy, plaigarized, and non useful or inaccurate sites getting top ranking.  So they’re changing how they rank sites, and are listening more to their human […]