Good News for Writers: Google Wakes Up

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is waking up.  Most likely due to comments in one of their new features called Sidewiki, they’ve noticed that people are getting rather annoyed with spammy, plaigarized, and non useful or inaccurate sites getting top ranking.  So they’re changing how they rank sites, and are listening more to their human reviewers.

Read the WSJ article here:

Those of you out there who have sites that are higher on content and lower on hype may have noticed an increase of traffic already.  If you haven’t then it is likely coming, if you’re anywhere in Google at all.  If you’re not then it means you need to network more.

In my observation, for the past year or so, many “small time” webmasters like myself have gotten a bit discouraged.  No matter what we did, getting traffic was an uphill battle, and it really took the wind out of many of our sails to see crappy sites getting ranked higher.  So some of us have been slipping in what used to be normal promotion methods because to keep our relevance, we had to avoid being viewed as just another spam site.

Hopefully now this means that people who provide real, accurate, and original content or at least an original presentation or perspective, will get more air time.  I hope this is true.  I applaud any effort Google makes to be a really useful search engine.

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