eBay’s New Fees Are Legal, Albeit Shady

I got an answer from the USPS, and they say it’s an eBay matter:

I understand you are frustrated with the fees you are going to be charged when using eBay’s services.

I apologize for the inconvenience, however, we do not have anything to do with, nor have any control over what eBay chooses to do with their services.

This is an issue that you will need to bring up with them. This is not a United States Postal Service issue.

So it’s legal.  How ever shady, it’s legal.

The company isn’t going to die from a federal lawsuit over this, but it is dead now to individuals and small businesses.

I was thinking over the last few days, what could possibly be the method in their madness.  Why would they want to cut off what seemed to be their backbone?  Then it dawned on me: Alibaba.com.

Those who have gotten to the point in their artistic and craft careers that they need to order supplies wholesale from time to time, know Alibaba well.  It’s a hub for wholesalers, and you can make deals for smaller lots if you like.  They’ve even started a site that specializes in smaller lots, AllExpress.com.

Most people I’ve read who are writing on the subject of eBay changes think that eBay is competing with Amazon.com or Etsy or other places that cater to individuals and small businesses.  In that yes, they are being beaten, and seem to be making moves that seem crazy…but they’re crazy like a fox.  They don’t give a whit about small and individual sellers anymore.  They are gunning to be a wholesaler hub.

It has been a neat trick for them to make it look as if they wanted to be useful to artists, crafters, people selling collectibles and vintage items and whatnot.  This is where they started after all, and besides, why not squeeze a few more extra pennies out of us while they can, right?  They even want us to feel sorry for them for their falling behind in a category that they are purposefully removing themselves from.

:: cue the violins ::

We are trying so very hard to compete with Amazon….

:: end violins ::

The wholesale market is where the money is.  We artists, crafters, and other smaller vendors are only a small fraction of their sales.   So small, in fact, that we’re disposable to them.  Now, we’re a nuisance, because every time they make it ever more clear to us that we’re unwelcome, we cry and complain about how they’re treating us…and yet way too many of us stay.

It’s like corporate game.  They feel contempt for us because we’re like a stalker ex girlfriend who just won’t take the hint.

Take the hint.  Get your items up in Etsy, eCrater, iBid or anywhere but eBay.  Do it now, and stop doing the business equivalent of clinging to someone who doesn’t need you and doesn’t want you.

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