Money’s Mama Auctions

I got a bit frustrated when looking around for other places to sell my jewelry and mystical items.  Most places were fairly international, but even though Google is in Israel, Google Checkout doesn’t have Israel yet, so I was shut out.  So I built my own auction site: Money’s Mama Auctions.

I don’t expect to replace eBay or eCrater or even remotely compete with eBid or some others.  I just want those of us who are expats and aware businesspeople in parts of the world that PayPal and Escrow cover but Google Checkout doesn’t, to have a little space on the net where we’re not completely on our own. eCrater is inclusive, by the way.  They just don’t do auctions, only Buy it Now.

The comment about being able to accept cash, checks, or money orders made sense too.  Money’s money.  I don’t think people should be forced to pay transaction fees on top of what we already give the bank, to buy something we’re going to pick up in person, or from someone we trust.

So, give it a whirl.  It’s free. :-)

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