Requested Legal Clarification for eBay’s New Shipping Surcharge

I’ve written to the U.S. postal service about eBay charging fees for shipping, but doing nothing to earn them.  The case number is HQ104683613.  I encourage others to write them too, and if there are any lawyers or postal workers who could clear things up, please comment.

5 thoughts on “Requested Legal Clarification for eBay’s New Shipping Surcharge

  1. Hello. I am an 11 year seller on Ebay. This is my way of making an income. I am a single parent and Ebay is my only source of income. Basically, Ebay is double dipping. They have now basically decided to take our “handling fees”. Every online company that I know charges a shipping/handing fee. My shipping fees have never been inflated more than one dollar. I do not think their new rule is even ethical! Something needs to be done about this. As if they don’t get enough money from sellers; through final value fees and through PayPal! They insisted that buyers only take PayPal and no longer accept Money Orders, which I thought was also unethical! What about buyers who don’t like to pay online? Plus, it was only about them making more money and monopolizing the system. This new rule has gone too far. I honestly think this is a case for a law suit! Let me know if there is anything you need me to do. Amanda

  2. I am putting this in my listings :
    I charge ACTUAL shipping costs plus a $1 handling fee. The $1 handling fee partially offsets my costs for packing materials, costs to take items to the post office and my time packaging items. Please Use the shipping calculator in all of my auctions to determine the total shipping costs before you bid. Please note the handling fee is included in the results the shipping calculator provides.
    NOTE : Beginning in Mid April 2011, Ebay Corporation will be adding a 10 – 12 % surcharge to sellers for shipping. At this time I will raise my shipping and handling fee from $1 to $1.75 to PARTIALLY offset these surcharges. If you as my customers are not happy with these surcharges please contact Ebay support. This surcharge is NOT in the control of the sellers. I urge you to not give lower DSL ratings to honest sellers who charge actual shipping costs, but instead to contact Ebay support for an explanation of this surcharge. Sellers have been advised by Ebay executives to raise their product prices or their handling fees to offset these surcharges.

  3. After talking to a Ebay rep about this shipping fees I will have to now make a decision about raising my auction prices or just go to another auction site to sell my items, his answear was that the reason ebay started to charge fees on shipping is ” ebay sellers selling $499.00 items for 99 cents but charging a $500.00 shipping & Handling fee which naturally allowed ebay to only collect ther fee on 99 cents” my question was ” how often does this actually happen ? ” with millions of ebay auctins please tell me actually how many 99 cent auctions take place out of every thousand sales ???? also, why punish the ebay sellers with a fee to make up for the wrong of a few ” Kick them off ebay for doing that , I honesty do not understand how this is legal all because ebay has NO involvement what soever with shipping ? all I can say is that Ebay is very greedy & as dishonest as was Enron with there fraud to steal billions from stock holders & had the Goverment protect them, I am hoping that some other on line auction comes out that gives ebay a challenge , everytime something gets to big it gets corrupt & ebay , you are way to big & you are greedy & corrupt & sooner or later there will be a fall coming!

  4. Here is my email address:

    anyone who has a problem with what eBay has become I encourage you to send me an email with your thoughts and feelings. I will attempt to find an attorney willing to take this case, but I need people behind me. Write in as if you are leaving a message on a blog so that I can give the entire email to the attorneys. One person can make a difference, but many can get something important accomplished.


    David G. Okaty

  5. I am going to be one of the people who will charge on shipping and and list my items for a penny soon just because i’m sick of all the double dipping in fee’s.

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