April Fool’s Day Off From eBay

Many former eBay sellers have chosen this day to pull a massive prank on eBay.  They’re moving or have moved all their listings elsewhere.  You can read the details on the Facebook Page for April Fool’s Day Off From Corporate Greed. Those with too few listings to export them automatically have either just let their listings […]

The USPS Has Apparently Been Lied To By eBay

The United States Postal Service is apparently unclear about what it is that eBay is planning to do.  They think that eBay is charging a fee on the shipping through their discounted sponsor shipping services.  They don’t understand that eBay is charging a fee based on the total amount of sales, not a fee for […]

Taking Back eBay: Promoting Your Listings

In an attempt to take back eBay as a good place to find hand made, artist and collective sold goods, I’m going to make a few posts on how to promote your eBay listings.  There’s plenty out there already, but much of it is outdated and/or geared for high volume sellers.  My posts are going […]

eBay Losing Artists, Gaining Sweatshops

As a long time eBay shopper and seller, it pains me to say that artists and makers of hand made crafts are leaving eBay in droves.  Some aren’t even giving it a chance.  The reason is the fees and the competition with mass produced goods. I personally still like eBay for some things.  I’m able […]

WordPress.com Is Malfunctioning

It’s not completely down, but it’s malfuctioning.  I don’t know why it is, and can’t find any news on it yet.  If anyone knows what happened, feel free to comment. In the meantime, I’ve been considering possible solutions.  WordPress.com and other large, high traffic sites are often targets for spammers and other nasties that less […]

Amazon.com Drops Colorado

Because of new laws that require that purchases made through affiliates who reside in Colorado have to include sales tax, Amazon.com has deactivated their affiliates from that state.  So now, Colorado joins North Carolina and Rhode Island on what’s basically an affiliate blacklist. This means a massive loss of income for many webmasters unless they […]